Blue Velvet: 2012 in 60 photos


2012 in 60 photos

2012 in photos.
I'm going to skip the sentimental text describing what an exciting year this had been and how I'm going to look back to it and blah-blah-blah and I'm just gonna let you enjoy my stylish ups and downs.
 I also suggest a game for all of you: take some time and guess how many times I wore these Topshop boots. Whoever finds it wins a 'youuuuusonofabitch' look à la Lily from How I Met Your Mother, for actually rubbing in my face that I don't own any other pairs like those. (One of my 2013 resolutions: stop being so grumpy).
I love you guys.



Luba Dimitrova said...

Happy New Year Elena !
Gorgeous review of the year !

XX Luba

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sismade said...

like se oles** kali xronia koukla na exeis!