Blue Velvet: cyber



Wearing my new favorite pants from ALC; flared and stripey, a combination that can't go wrong. They're not very photogenic apparently, going all blurry and not letting those tiny stripes stand out. Either this is happening, or I'm not a good photographer and don't know how to adjust the lengths and light of my camera correctly. The second option sounds more likely.
Finished a very big uni project today, gave in my last essay, and took down the Christmas decorations. This is the worst period, there's no longer a festive spirit around and the exams are almost here; I'm always grumpy and tired. At least I hope the endless studying will eventually pay off. Hopefully my spirits will be higher tomorrow.

A.L.C. pants (here, here and here), H&M tank and jacket (similar here and here), ASOS necklace, Ray-Ban sunglasses, MAC 'Cyber' lipstick

Lots of love,


StyleFax said...

looove the jacket!!


Inspiration partout said...

Beautiful outfit!I love your hair by the way!Good luck with your exams!

Asimina Efk said...

Love the necklace!