Blue Velvet: come as you are


come as you are

Vogue UK March 2013
Aka you can't get grungier than this. So very resembling Dries Van Noten's Spring 2013 collection.
Right after last week's episode of How I Met Your Mother came out (for those of you who don't watch the show, one of the lead characters, Robin, was portraying the biggest grunge icon of the 90s Canada), I caught myself thinking what an amazing era that was for fashion. From dark burgundy lips, to creepy-spider's-web-like-lace, to flimsy, barely there satin dresses, the 90s were definitely my favorite decade. Of course I wouldn't give up my sequin shorts for anything less than a velvet maxi slipdress, but it's good to know where it all started and who to be grateful for, for every fashion trend to pledge allegiance to.
So glad Dries Van Noten, Phillip Lim and all the major designers are bringing grunge back this season.

My personal favorites/ how to get the grunge look:

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