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The coolest printed tees from StylestoLove / Delish cocktails with friends.

Dark lips, biker jacket, statement necklaces and a whole lotta sripes / My favorite buttery soft faux leather pants and dark nails.

Girls night out at Drunk Sinatra / Current favorite rings - Topshop and vintage.

Playing with the sequin-and-sweats trend wich I've fallen hard for lately - and I've also got a lot more photos to show you / Opting for a healthy lunch.

Zara sequin shorts and Louboutin peep toed heels / Embellishments for the day, again by Zara.

Outside the Helmut Newton exhibition at the Onassis Cultural Center - DEFINITELY worth a visit if you're in Athens. / Coffee and waffles to survive the early wake-up calls.

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Also, yesterday I got interviewed by sweet Asimina for her radio show 'Cosmos by A' on KDHR in Los Angeles. I mean I really should thank her for having me there, but also for bearing with me and being so patient.

You can find the show on the iTunes store, by searching 'KDHR' and downloading the 'Cosmos by A' podcast released on 1-2-2013. If you have enough patience you can try and count the uhms that I said.. Good luck with that.

Let me know your thoughts on it.

Lots of love,

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