Blue Velvet: red hot flare


red hot flare

A pair of trousers created exclusively to draw attention because of its unusual color. I fell into the online-shopping trap when I ordered it, not being cautious with the colour and the fabric, and received an entirely different piece than what I had imagined. Had it lying in my closet for six months, until I decided it was time to do something with it, so I took black paint and put it in the washing machine. And nothing happened - obviously, because my dear Forever 21 creates clothes with polyester instead of, say, cotton, linen, or even viscose, so as to save money. And yes, paint doesn't apply to polyester. So all I got left with was a very dirty washing machine, stained hands (I took a leap there and decided to touch the paint without gloves- what a daredevil I am!), and this pair of pants, which had a successful change of colour.

Moral of the story: Always double check the fabric you want to dye, so that you make sure paint is applicable and will work on it. I'm pretty sure that now that you know this secret, you will sleep a little better at nights.

Zara sweater (similar here) and necklace (similar here and here), Forever 21 flared pants (similar here)

For normal coloured flared trousers and jeans, check TheOutnet and Asos, which, in my opinion, stock the best pieces. Keep in mind that when it comes to flare, I'd say the bigger, the better.

Laters skaters!

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