Blue Velvet: sequins in the daylight


sequins in the daylight

Sporting my favorite DIY sequin maxi skirt with a more casual look, after having worn it with heels and a white shirt on New Year's eve. I was loving the idea of a piece like this for a really long time, but I had never thought to make it on my own. Gotta admit I was inspired from my friend Rea, who created this skirt herself, and I was too jealous not to give it a try myself. I love everything sequined to pieces so I couldn't let this opportunity go.

DIY has the same effect on me as vintage; I'm wearing something unique, that no one else will ever wear. In the 21st century, when trends come and go in the blink of an eye, pieces like these become eternal and stick with you forever.

This definitely isn't one of the easiest pieces to wear in the daylight. Both my parents, upon seeing me, wondered where do I find ideas like this; converse and sequins don't got together, they simply don't match. But I needed to tone the whole outfit down, so it would be either that, or boots. I think the casualty of the shoes balances the glamour of the skirt, and makes it ideal for everyday. Same goes for sequin shorts and tops. A chunky monochromatic pullover or a slogan sweater would look great with the skirt too.

DIY sequin maxi skirt (similar here and here), Love.God.Fashion tshirt, H&M jacket (similar here), Converse sneakers

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Mariana said...

OMG!! the skirt is gorgeous :)

Caterina Drak said...

Yep I aagree!
your skirt rocks!
well done!