Blue Velvet: strawberry sorbet


strawberry sorbet

Finally uploaded these photos, which are basically a spin-off of these, but also including a bright beanie and a monkey expression. Juxtaposing colours and styles; a classic white blazer worn with a fuchsia skater beanie. I believe an updated piece like a beanie does wonders to a more classic look, and I'm definitely planning to use it to reinvent more outfits like this.

So, once again wearing beanie by H&M (similar here and here), vintage belt and vintage Valentino blazer, H&M and vintage band rings.

Lots of love,


Luba Dimitrova said...

Cute look Elena ! The pictures are superb !

XX Luba

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Fashion Reactor said...

So cool!!!! The colour of the beannie is amazing and spices up all the look!!