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On Saturday I visited a teeny tiny boutique located in Voula, Greece, and got to play around with perfect summer staples. Baby pink cutoffs with little hearts on them, dark blue wide-legged pants, bold and chunky necklaces, delicate lace playsuits, and chunky turquoise cardigans were, among others, my top picks. Vivianna, the store owner, picks up all the best pieces from up-and-coming designers from New York, Spain and Greece; among of which pieces are formal and casual dresses, bracelets ideal for stacking and chunky clogs. The bright colours and the positive atmosphere in there made me swoon with joy that summer is just around the corner and I'll get to wear all those beauties under the sun.

I did get my hands on some of the pieces, so stay tuned for more posts wearing all those goodies from Ten!

Address: Plastira 10, Voula, Athens
Visit their website or their Facebook page to find more information.

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Luba Dimitrova said...

Very cute items !!

XX Luba

Look inspired in tiger´s colors , today on