Blue Velvet: almost tomboy


almost tomboy

Wearing a Zara pencil skirt paired with a white vintage bomber jacket and Converse of the same colour on a sunny but kind of cold day out. My boyfriend's mom was shocked upon seeing that I was wearing such a ladylike skirt with shoes that casual, but I actually liked the result of something so unpredictable.

The jacket only comes to complete this look; fair coloured and light-weight, it's the staple piece for spring to summer nights. A bit after these photos were shot, I switched to a pair of black flared trousers, a red hat and this jacket and went out for drinks. Versatile and easily dressed up or down.

Zara pencil skirt (similar here and here), vintage camisole and Gucci jacket, Converse high tops

Lots of love,

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Fashion Reactor said...

One of my favorite looks!