Blue Velvet: almost tube rings


almost tube rings

I've been dreaming of these Balenciaga stacked rings every since I saw Nicolas Ghesquière's last show for Balenciaga last season. Stacking rings is what I do best and I should probably add it as a skill on my Linkedin profile as well. It has grown to become a daily activity for me, so a ring that is already stacked by itself would be ideal - plus, imagine all the time it would obviously save me when I got dressed in the mornings.

The Balenciaga beauty is nowhere to be found in all the big online shops, and even if I did find it, its hefty price tag ($245 each) makes me look for other alternatives. Asos made a replica which was identical to the Balenciaga one - spotted on fellow bloggers Dena from Stylelimelight and Rea from Surfaddictfashionista who were lucky enough to get it - but I didn't get it in time and it's now sold out.

So until it comes back to stock, I'm sticking to my stacking activity (sticking to stacking - how fun is this?) and here are the best accessories that can help me with that:

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Fashion Reactor said...

I love them too!!!!! I have the same skill wearing all kinds of rings together....and yes I wasn't lucky enough too for the ASOS ones...


Bella gomez said...
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