Blue Velvet: blowing kisses on instagram


blowing kisses on instagram

Hanging at home in Juicy Couture sweats. / Getting all wet from the crazy rain.

A.L.C. jeans and Zara clutch - you've obviously seen way too much of this clutch the past days. / Greek yoghurt, strawberries, banana and oatmeal = heaven in a glass.

I've gone too far with the blowing kisses on the camera thing. OBVIOUSLY. / Favorite Essie nail polish, Asos rings and the sequin skirt on the background.

First attempt to wear the skirt I DIYed last week. Love it or hate it? / Layering like crazy - leather jacket over white blazer.. Not the brightest idea ever I'd say.


View from above: Brandy Melville pullover, Love fur vest and Zara jeans. / Another kiss and another Zara necklace.


Crazy hat woman. / Up close on the monochromatic affair.

In my mesh blazer and carrying my eternal favorite bag, an Hermes Kelly. / Suzy Menkes on NYFW and green tea.

4 out of the 14 photos include me blowing kisses, oh my. Maybe, just maaaaayyybe, I should stop loving everyone so much that I need to blow kisses in their face.
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Lots of love,

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Daphnia Neofytou said...

I love your zara bag xxx..