Blue Velvet: h&m conscious collection


h&m conscious collection

photos taken with camera and Instagram

H&M launched their Conscious collection for yet another year, this time adding an old Hollywood glamour touch by designing a few party pieces made entirely out of eco-friendly materials, such as recycled polyester, organic cotton and recycled polyamide.

Favorites included just about anything in this collection; a white maxi dress with flower details that looks like something a princess would wear to her wedding; a maxi salmon dress with cutout sides and a bare back; an off-white kimono with a bohemian feel. Wishing those pieces were more casual so that I could wear them on my everyday life.

The collection will be available around the world from 4th of April 2013.

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StyleFax said...

nice post!! :)
elpizw kapoia stigmh na se gnwrisw kai apo konta


Fashion Reactor said...

Στυλάτη όπως πάντα!!! Πολύ χάρηκα που γνωριστήκαμε επιτέλους κι από κοντά ;)