Blue Velvet: kimono



Zara kimono, H&M shirt (similar here and here)
Awkward positiong in front of the camera and newly cropped hair courtesy of, well, me.

 China hawt.

Kimonos are my latest obsession; I've got this one from Zara, after going around the store for hours trying to figure out which one I like the best. I've spotted quite a few cool ones at Asos and Boohoo too, and I'm thinking of purchasing one of those as well. I find them to be ideal for the spring weather, which is not too warm yet not cold, as well as for summer, thrown over bikinis or high waisted cutoffs.

Next on my wish list: Zara's embroidered bomber jacket. I do think it's too mainstream though, so I consider searching for a vintage alternative on Ebay or something. Fingers crossed I get lucky with this one!

Lots of love,


Eraklia-AttitudeUnique said...

love it gorgeous x


Jules said...

Your kimono is awesome!

alittlebeautyblog said...

hi! i was just wondering if your kimono is a cotton material or a polyester material? Love it if you could reply, would really help!

baju batik said...

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I love it so much...
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