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youthful notes

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Looking young is everyone’s goal by the age of 25, if not before. During the cold winter months, keeping your skin looking healthy and youthful can be huge challenge. Having it constantly exposed to cold and dry air can really dry your skin out. When you add to this a stressful day at work, sleep deprivation and poor nutrition, you may also experience skin irritations and tired-looking skin. A good make-up foundation is indispensable to keep a fresh and youthful look throughout the day. Here is how it’s done.

Nourishing products for the daily skin care: First and foremost, you should find a cream containing high amounts of lipids in order to nourish your tired and dry skin. You should apply this cream every morning and night. Before leaving the house each day, try applying a quality foundation to even-out any redness or hide dark-circles under the eyes. A great foundation recommended in this case would be blemish balm. Sites like this recommend BB creams as they provide your skin with both nourishment and coverage. They are available for all skin types and come in different shades, making it a suitable choice for everybody. It serves as a moisturising make-up foundation and gives a natural look.

Subtlety using mascara and other make-up: When keeping your look really natural, you should be careful when using more than two other make-up products. Use a soft mascara to underline your natural eye colour. A natural lip colour can also be used to give a healthy and young look. These two touches are enough to complete a youthful look, given the biggest secret of youthfulness is a natural look. Even celebrities like Cameron Diaz are fans of the natural look and are often spotted in public with no or very little make-up.

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