Blue Velvet: DIY frayed bermuda shorts


DIY frayed bermuda shorts

As I already mentioned in this post, I was contemplating turning a useless pair of jeans into bermuda shorts for quite a long time, especially after seeing how big the bermuda trend was going to be this Spring. My mother oh-so-kindly showered me with a pile of jeans that she doesn't wear anymore, so I had a handful of colours and shapes to choose from. In this case, the baggier the jeans, the better.

All you're going to need is a pair of jeans, scissors, and a safety pin or a needle (anything pointy for that matter).

Firstly, you turn the jeans into bermuda shorts, by cutting them as much as you want. Put it on and measure it so that you get the perfect length; I chose to cut it right above the knees.

After that, you're gonna find the part where you want to make a rip, fold it over, and make a small cut with the scissors. Then you just rip it with your hands and make it as big as you want. I prefer ripping it to cutting it with the scissors because it gives a messier look to the hole.

In order to give the holes the frayed look and have threads sticking out from them, you're gonna use a needle or a safety pin. You're placing the needle right below the cut and start pulling the white threads, 2-3 at a time.

After you've finished with the first hole, go on and make as many cuts as you want, until you get the desirable look, and then move on to the next leg.

The next best step would be to put the jeans in the washing machine so that the shreds look like they've been there for quite a while. I still haven't washed my pair of jeans but it looks good like this as well.

If the pair of jeans you're planning to recreate isn't very baggy, then you simply make one vertical cut on the bottom of the seams at each leg, in order to give it a bit flare and make it look baggier on the thigh.

If you're too lazy to make this work, you can always find similar similar pairs that are already ruined, but they won't be unique and one of a kind like the one you're gonna make yourself. See a variety of jean bermuda shorts here.

Lots of love, Elena


Fashion Reactor said...

Great idea!! I am gonna try it for sure


lanciacoriandoli said...

nice DIY!