Blue Velvet: hola



Fooling around with a selfcam, making a complete fool of myself, while testing this new oxblood lipstick from MAC. Maybe It's a little too late in Spring to sport dark lips, but I'm not ready to let go of this trend so soon. They also look good with caps as well, so who can say no to that? Especially if your hair under that cap are soaked in sea salt and smell of sun (I procastinated taking a shower for as long as possible to keep that smell.. I am very tempting I know.)

Mental notes that I have been keeping lately:
- Very happy that the bandana trend is catching up again (and regarding yesterday's post as well, bandanas with hoop earrings; is it too ghetto? Discuss.)
- Korres perfumes are like paradise in a bottle.. I haven't once smelled a scent I did not like.
- Car washes are the most fun thing that has happened lately. That sounds kind of lame though.
- Kick boxing in 30 degrees Celsius is not fun, do not try it.
- On dungarees; I love the 90s Calvin Klein aura I get out of them, but something seems very off whenever I see them. It's as if no matter how cool they are, they can't be incorporated in 2013.

Also wearing: Cap bought in Turkey (similar)


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