Blue Velvet: too cool for school


too cool for school

Sweater,  Skip 'n' Whistle || Tee, COS (similar here) || Jeans, H&M || Sunglasses, H&M || Heels, Zara (similar here)

The cat eye stare.

Wearing my new favorite sweater from Skip 'n' Whistle which has this awesome cat stare that makes people feel uncomfortable. My sister even asked if I'm afraid of having it staring down at me from my clothing rack at nights (I'm NOT). Along with it, a pair of H&M jeans that is one size too big and was supposed to look better all skinny, but a bit of a dropped crotch never hurt anyone, did it?


zanine mela said...

love this sweater! xoxo

Fashion Reactor said...

Love the sweatshirt!! Perfect for playful weekend jaunts or grounding girly outfits ;)