Blue Velvet: going east


going east

Kimono, Zara || Trousers, Zara (also here) || White top, Zara || Rings, H&M and vintage || Bag, Louis Vuitton || Sandals, Promod (similars, only better)

Kimono take two.

Wasn't really planning to dress as a moving Zara ad, but you know these things happen when the king of high-street stocks on such good pieces. This kimono is the newest addition to my closet after this, and I so conveniently inaugurated it on the day that I sat for my Chinese examination. The examiners didn't seem to notice though.

Back on the kimono though: as I had said on the previous post, this kind of outerwear will grow to become an all year long staple. Sheer, with fringe, embroidered, silk, chiffon, they come in countless fabrics, designs and shapes to choose from, go with almost anything, and are ideal for summer (note: you'll be seeing a lot of them over bikinis and/ or cutoffs).

I've linked some of my favorite options below.


StyleFax said...

polu wraio kai stylish! :)


Fashion Reactor said...

Going east and super stylish!! Love the kimono


LRB said...

I don't think you're a walking Zara ad at all, your personal tastes comes through perfectly. I do love that kimono top.