Blue Velvet: gold on the ceiling


gold on the ceiling


Earrings have quickly grown to become my latest addiction in the past months- after my obsession with hoops, elegant studs and minimalistic claws (and a few occassional fancy chandelier-like earrings) have now taken a part of my daily outfits. Considering that I never was the biggest fan of them (apart from the occassional crosses that remind people of gravediggers), it really is amazing how easily they've grown on me.
Here's a selection of what I'd like to sport more right now.

Gabriela Artigas earrings named after infinite and tusk- how can you not love something like that? Next are baybay studs with a punk feel by Tom Binns, who has quite a few good jewelry in his collection.
Also, Avant Garde earrings, spiraling through my ear holes, followed by Noir Jewelry talon earrings, maybe where one in each ear? These are also very similar to the Gabriela Artigas ones, but in a much smaller price tag. Moving on to the eyes I have long praised on my Facebook page, the Lulu Frost icon earrings, that can easily work as third and four eyeballs.
Next are Tom Binns earrings (again), that take quite a few time to figure how to put them through the hole, and Asos bones studs, for my cat to growl at (if cats growled that is).
Lastly, Topshop pack-of-4 set, because we're back in 6th grade and it's cool to mix different studs. The more ear holes you have, the better! Just kidding, two in each ear are more than enough. But still, do wear that cross on your second ear hole and leave it to that. Your teenage kid inside of you would be proud.

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