Blue Velvet: pendants and metals


pendants and metals

Jewelry has always been my thing; I've been wearing different pendants and necklaces mixed together, as well as mismatching different types of rings (band rings with knuckle rings, stacked rings with double rings and so on) for years. Stacking bracelets has only recently been added to my daily schedule though, that is after a brief encounter with the trend back in 9th grade, when us all babies in high school would stack colourful threads on top of even more colourful plastic watches, in order to look cool.

However, there's one thing wearing jewelry in winter, and there's a whole other thing wearing them in summer, when the layers of clothing are much fewer and everything looks more beautiful against tanned skin. I always tend to shop more accessories during the summer, and this year I'll probably make no exception.

My daily accessorizing clockwise from top left includes: H&M cuff bracelets, Asos rose gold cuff, eye necklace from random shop in Paros, Countess Wilhelmina emblem pendant, vintage ring, H&M infinity ring, BlueSunflowers thin stacked rings in yellow gold and rose gold.

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