Blue Velvet: h&m fall/winter 2013 presentation


h&m fall/winter 2013 presentation

Stepping into H&M newest's showroom to admire the Fall/Winter 2013 collection for the first time, it seems as if one has time-travelled back to the begginings of the 20th century. Tailcoats, velvet and embroidery designed with an updated twist fit H&M's aesthetics perfectly, and can easily be matched with anything. Edwardian era in all of its glory; from busbody hats to cdelicate-to-the-point-where-it-gets-creepy lace, this collection had something that would satisfy everyone from the working class to the aristocrats back in those days.

I instantly fell for the tan high waisted leath shorts that had me hooked with their laceups and studdings, as well as the big white fur with the black details. One can never have two many furs, am I right?

The collection will be available all over the world from the 5th of September.

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Whoishanna? said...

ah, looks amazing <3 can't wait for fall!

xo, Hanna

StyleFax said...

wraies photos!! ;)
xarhka pou se gnwrisa Elenaa :)


Elsa said...

It's only June and you made me long for Fall! Amazing collection once again!

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