Blue Velvet: cold-brewed iced coffee recipe


cold-brewed iced coffee recipe

During the summer, Starbucks iced lattes are my guilty pleasure, indulging to at least one per day. In an attempt to alternate this daily routine and try something homemade instead, I decided to make the most common american coffee myself, a cold-brewed iced coffee. Ground coffee (the one used in the filtered one you probably drink every morning) is the only ingredient needed, plus the option of milk.

To all caffeine-addicts, morning coffee is sort of an everyday ritual. An entire post dedicated to my new favorite everyday beverage (which my dad so carelessly asked what is so unusual about it that needs to be posted on a fashion blog) was sort of mandatory.

For 2-3 drinks
1/3 cup medium-coarse grind coffee
1 1/2 cups water
Milk (optional)

1. In a jar, stir together coffee and water.
2. Cover and let sit at room temperature overnight.
3. Strain twice through a coffee filter or a sieve lined with cheesecloth.
4. Mix equal parts coffee concentrate and water in a glass filled with ice. more or less water to your liking.
5. Add milk, sugar, or in my case, sugar-free hazelnut syrup from Starbucks (old habits die hard).

Original recipe from nytimes.

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