Blue Velvet: dark and twisted


dark and twisted

Back from vacation and back to work mode once again, trying to juggle university exams, working and blogging all at once. I don't complain though; I wouldn't like it any other way. Of course everyone likes a day in the week where he can sleep in, stay in pjs all day and watch Pretty Little Liars reruns while drinking coffee (this is my master plan for winter actually), but it gets boring after a while. Diversity is key!

Having said all that, it's Saturday and it is a day off, so a bit of blog work and a cold coffee under the sun, accompanied by Inferno, my latest book crush (the plot is riveting to say the least, and I'm one of those that crow about his addictive writing) I think are mandatory.

Top, LnA (also here) || Skirt, Zara (similar) || Plaid shirt, vintage (similar) || Heels, Zara

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