Blue Velvet: emptying the closet


emptying the closet

As I first mentioned on my Instagram page, I found a much more productive way to spend my time instead of studying for the upcoming exams, and that is clearing my closet! I mean failure on any economics-related class is bound to happen, so why not make some money instead.. So that I can buy new clothes (I probably am a mastermind in economics after all!)

Long story short, I upload a bunch of my clothes and shoes on my tictail store, as well as on my ebay page (in case you prefer bidding-style auctions). Even if you don't feel like shopping anything, you can check and see my amazing descriptions on the clothes, as well as ways to style them. 2-in-one, right?

As for the post title, it is way too misleading, as I didn't even bother to empty one third of my closet. What can I say, a girl can get too attached with her clothes. I mean, don't we all?

Happy bidding!

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