Blue Velvet: reddish reds


reddish reds

Throwing red over red felt very generic the other day while I was getting ready to head out. I was trying very hard to not make the usual pullover-with-levis-cutoffs combination, so after creating a huge pile of clothes from a wardrobe that I had an hour ago organized (and threw so many stuff out so that my closet can at least try and look organized - see the irony?), I decided to just not think and see how 2 reddish reds would look on a blonde (bias or not, I think blue works better on me). And I think it turned out good.

I mean I did go and photograph in front of a green lawn to make the contrast show even more.. But still.

Pullover, Sheinside || Tie-dye shorts, DIY (see a similar DIY I did here and here) || Sandals, Zara || Belt, Zara || Sunglasses, Ray-Ban || Jewelry, Love-affairs, vintage, Bluesunflowers

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