Blue Velvet: two wrongs, no rights


two wrongs, no rights

(Following the very graphical post title) This is what I felt like I had purchased when I had just clicked 'Confirm order' on PersunMall for this pair of shoes. I had been going from absolutely lovin' them to hatin' them in a blink of an eye for almost one week, before I decided to finally get them. And it turned out that I did well by purchasing them; I fell in love the minute I slipped that bulky heel on my right foot. I grew almost 7 inches taller, and I felt even more comfortable than going out barefoot.

That's the thing about heels, and especially platforms. I keep hearing from my friends - not to mention reading in blogs - about this pair of platforms being the most comfortable pair on earth, or that pair of wedges not causing blisters after wearing it for that many hours, and when I try them on myself, I only feel a mild comfort. I always thought 'that must be the most comfort a girl can feel in heels, and that's probably an inside secret all the girls know but no one bothered to share with me'.

But it turns out I thought wrong. This pair of platforms does feel like pillows for your feet. After having danced, walked and stood straight for 6 straight hours, I didn't feel the slightest pain. So hurray to the not-so-impulse purchase, and let's hope I make many more of those from now on.

Top, Stella McCartney || Jeans, Levi's || Platforms, PersunMall || Sunglasses, Asos (similar from Forever 21)

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lora elen said...

love it!! perfect shoes... perfect jeans... perfect shooting!!!