Blue Velvet: at the apivita headquarters


at the apivita headquarters

[From 1 to 8:  the entire collection laid out for us to drool, with Konstantina in our bee-protective suits,  the hives, making faces in the suit, the labs where the magic is made, snack breaks, the propolis kit collection, with Konstantina at the end of the day.]

Last week I received the sweetest invitation to visit the Apivita factory and learn the successful story behind the brand. For those of you not familiar with it, Apivita is a greek cosmetics brand with a 35-year legacy behind it, creating natural and holistic products mainly out of propolis, the resinus mixture created by bees. The brand started with a world's first, a simple black soap with propolis and thyme, and gradually moved to shampoos, herbal creams and masks. Noawadays, more than 10 countries stock their products, whereas flagship stores exist in Athens, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Of course I would be doomed to say no to an invitation like this, so I made sure to be there right on time to see everyone work their magic with the products. Upon arrival, everyone was super sweet and helpful. We were lucky enough to see bees in action at their hives, chemists working in production packing up those sleek packages, and learn the story behind the brand.

I couldn't be a bigger supporter of the brand, after having seen how devoted and passionate everyone is about what they do, and what is the best way to do it. Their products are made with natural ingredients, without any parabens and mineral oils, and work amazing with troubled skin and acne.

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