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fall mood

fall mood

September has officially arrived, as I'm currently sitting on my desk, overlooking at a very, very cloudy sky and feeling this slight breeze hitting me. This sort of weather is my favorite; it allows heavy winter pieces to blend in with forgotten summer basics, like shorts or skirts, and give out a beautiful match that will balance any temperature.

Building a fall transitioning outfit:

I'm currently daydreaming of wearing a mixture of this:

+ Boyfriend style blazer
+ Checked green shirt
+ Blue tinted sunglasses
+ Leather ankle boots
+ Rolled edge beanie
+ Ripped high-waist shorts

The oversized boyfriend style blazer is the perfect sort of coat to help transition from one season to another. Worn one day with tanks, the next day with chunky sweats poppin' out of the end of the sleeves (roll them up like your life depends on it people!). And if the said sweat is striped, you get an extra point.

In this fictional scenario, pair the boyfriend's blazer with a checked shirt, for the messy, wore-anything-I-found-on-the-pile-of-clothes-next-to-my-bed feel that checked and oversized clothes tend to give out. Slouchy beanies are mandatory in such cases also.

The only parts of that summer feel kept alive here are the high-waisted shorts and the mirrored sunglasses. In the first case, showing some skin equals to going bare-legged, especially now that the weather still allows it. High waisted-shorts are just as good as leather mini skirts, which match this outfit just as good (and are a big, fat YES this season too).

Ankle boots added (dig your closet to bring back your favorites from last season, or go for this season's it pieces here) and you're good to go!

Tip: When you shop at Romwe, be extra careful with sizes and check thoroughly before going for your usual size, as they have a different way of measuring (usually, if you are a size Small, you'll most likely be a size Medium at them). The 'one size' pieces fit just fine though.

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