Blue Velvet: fall/winter 2013 red nail trend


fall/winter 2013 red nail trend

Fall/Winter 2013 trend red nails
Fall/Winter 2013 trend red nails

Fall/Winter 2013 beauty trend alert Vol. I: red nails

The most versatile nail colour ever is still going strong this season, the center of attention from one show to the other; garnet shades at Burberry, bold tomato at Chanel and Valentino, and crimson reds at Topshop Unique. And how could it not be, as it is such a classic colour. After taking my turn at Google search in order to spot the best nail polishes out there, I came up with an article that specifically states not to wear red nail polish on dates. 'What?' you'd think, 'That is absurd! Men absolutely love red nail polish!' Well according to the article, they don't. As it so eloquently states, red shades, along with black, are considered to be too mournful, gothic and associated with an evil witch.

So in case you are planning to seduce that cute witch hunter that happened to guest-star in a Charmed episode, I'd suggest you stick with your nudes. I am one of those people that wouldn't mind being called a goth for having red - or even black - nails myself, I array here my top picks for red nail polishes this season. And like the marketing victim that I am, the fancier the name of the vernish, the better.

+ NARS Chinatown nail polish
+ Dior Red Royalty nail polish
+ Essie Twin Sweater Set nail polish
+ Deborah Lippmann My Old Flame nail polish
+ Marc Jacobs Lola nail polish
+ Sephora Date a Prince nail polish
+ YSL Rouge n Pop Art nail polish

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