Blue Velvet: mean reds


mean reds

After starting off with this red on red situaton, here I am combining 2 different reds again, this time including stripes (an old tshirt that I basically cropped to pieces) and mirrored sunnies. Nude heels have become a very trusted friend, they almost-match my skin tone colour, so they make a very good work elongating the leg. One of those tiny tricks, along with wearing all one-colour looks or super flared jeans, that women do and gain those missing extra inches. I should probably make a post and gather all the tips that have been passing on from one friend to another; the world's wisdom brought together in one blogpost. Say whaaat.

Crop top, customized || Shorts, Levis || Heels, Zara (similar, or here) || Cap, bought in Turkey || Sunglasses, H&M

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Mariana said...

great outfit, I love it!