Blue Velvet: music monday: dirty breakbeats


music monday: dirty breakbeats

In the latest installation of this fashion blog, I'm paying homage to a very big part of my life, and I inaugurate (wow this is formal) this new section, where music has the biggest role. Music Mondays it is then! Remember these old things, where you would record all your favorite songs from the radio, and then play them over and over again or manually rewind them with your hand when you wanted to hear something else. Well, that was bohring.

So there you have it; mixtapes with songs I enjoy listening after coming home from work, while working on a blogpost or before I go to sleep. The Weeknd has been my latest favorite artist - his songs have been outruling every other artist on my itunes list for months now, whereas Air has been a favorite band of mine ever since The Virgin Suicides.

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