Blue Velvet: how to wear the skater dress vol. I


how to wear the skater dress vol. I

Alternative post title: the girl with the heart-shaped glasses.

Rocking an LBD in daytime can be tricky, since many tend to look very fancy. However, the latest street style trends bring the coolest of dresses, worn by laid-back Cali girls, back to the forefront: the skater dress Every time I picture one of these dresses, I always imagine the girl wearing it rolling on a skateboard, with messy surf hair, Vans or Converse and a killer tan.

However, in case you're not a skater girl and you get wrinkles every time you wonder how to wear the dress in daytime, I'd say that the simpler the outfit, the better. Sneakers and a jacket - varying from blazers to leather jackets to furs - turn it into the most casual of attires, and make it work from university to coffee to early dinners. The crazy sunglasses are optional and make the outfit a lot more fun; I've been wanting a pair like this ever since Lindsay Lohan sported them in clubs back in 2008.

Coming next is the second volume of how to rock the skater dress, this time the night edition - with all the bling bling and madness that come attached. Stay tuned!

Dress, AX Paris || Sunglasses, ZeroUV || Gillet fur, LOVE || Sneakers, Converse


Eva M. said...

so cool!

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Lyz said...

Love the dress! :)