Blue Velvet: baggy and comfortable


baggy and comfortable

Tee, Isabel Marant pour H&M || Jeans, Levis || Biker jacket, H&M  (similar) || Boots, Zara (a similar pair here)

Aka what to wear after a hangover. 

Out and about on a very sunny Saturday morning which then turned into a very cold Saturday night (yay to that), and I wore my newest acquisition, an Isabel Marant pour H&M tee with baggy jeans and chelsea boots and called it a day. Days like these complexity is the least of my concerns and comfortable is the key word to it.

Tip: Even though I have the most annoying feet in the world (my feet hurt after only one hour of wearing any pair of heels, whether that be short or tall, platform or pump), these chelsea boots are the only pair of heels that my feet will tolerate. They come in the exact right height that won't tire me, and it manages to add some inches to my already super tall *ahem* figure.

Shop the look below:

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