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focus on the lips

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On lipsticks that look like pencils.

I’m not much of a lipstick person; it never became part of my routine so it still feels like I’m pretending to be someone else (possibly my mother, who wears it beautifully) when I try it on. I mean I do try the vamp red lip from time to time, but the maintenance seems so taxing. You constantly have to worry about something superficial falling apart on you..*sigh*. That was the case until I tried these new lipsticks by Korres, which come in these twist pencil-style shapes, and are not so much of the regular lipstick that I've contsructed in my mind. They go on smoothly, without dying the lip, and come in six different shades, neutrals as well as the occassional reds. Here I'm wearing my favorite of the six which is called "Elegance" - no pun intended.

 Another great trick I discovered while playing around with them: because of their glossy textrure, they can be mixed and create that amazing ombre lip look that I've been dying to get the past months. I tried it with "Lust" as a base and then blended it with "Innocence" in the middle of my lips, upper and lower, to get the ombred effect. You can see the final result posted on my Instagram profile.


Heather said...

Pretty lipstick x

Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

Liz Last said...

Not much of a lipstick person either because of my dry lips. Always have to put lipgloss or chapstick on top and I can never get a matte lip. Your make-up look great, by the way.

Fashion Reactor said...

Είναι super!! Πoλύ φυσικό αποτέλεσμα. Θέλω να τα δοκιμάσω οπωσδήποτε αυτά τα crayon lipsticks!!


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Kate from Clear the Way
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