Blue Velvet: the almost Christmas list


the almost Christmas list

the almost christmas list

Feeling that Christmas vibe, y'all?


We're way into my two favorite months of the year and the anticipation for the arrival of Christmas, well combined with the first cold temperatures that finally decided to hit Athens, make my spirits hit Barney-Stinson's-constant-sky-high-mood levels. And that can only mean one thing: shopping time!

As numerous birthdays/ graduation gifts/ holidays approach, I had no other choice than to crawl the web and make a list of all my must-haves; from sweaters to overpriced-yet-uncomfortable pumps, here's my top shopping list for this season:

Starting off with every year's Christmas gift, a notebook for a daily schedule. Sloane stationery made a very minimalistic in a bunch of basic colours, so it's double score. And if there's one (or two) items to splurge on, this is the season for it, and these are the best items to assist all of us fashionistas with this; an Alexander Wang Rocco bag - crossbody and baby blue anyone? - and a pair of Christian Louboutin Decollete pumps. Especially the pumps part.. I mean the soles even match the Christmas spirit and everything.

Please continue reading after what you just read.

In terms of keeping cozy and everything, LOVE makes pretty rad knits in nude colours to match your new pumps, while Korres's killing it with its winter nail polish collection (which said collection also includes nude colours, but I decided to avoid adding another nude here). There is also the biggest discovery of the season, this black leather box backpack by Kara, which makes one feel like they returned to high school, only in stylish clothes this time.
Speaking of which, a T by Alex Wang kindergardenish coloured shirt (that's baby blue people), matches the Wang bag, as well as works as a base for layering with the nude knit. Also on the same pattern, I've added this year's most sought-after fashion book; Alexa Chung's "It". They say this biography of hers is a complete revelation on her life before becoming the A-list celebrity extraordinare she is today.
I left the best piece for the end: a pair of Kurt Geiger boots, which are made of *hold it* blue velvet! There can only be one reason these boots are included here: do other bloggers have boots with their blog's name? I think not!

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