Blue Velvet: red eye shadow


red eye shadow

Rasberry twist lipstick in Elegance, Korres

English Roses on the eyes.

After seeing multiple blog posts in different blogs implying how reddish eye shadows are this season's it thing, and following countless YouTube videos which were supposedly teaching you how to apply red eye shadow like a pro, I decided to ditch all these and try the trend from the opposite direction.

And when I say opposite, I mean that after realising how clueless I am when it comes to eyeshadows in smudge pots, I did a 180 degree turn and chose to wear lipstick on my eyes instead. There's no harm in it though; the product I chose for this is basically a Korres lipstick but can work as an eyegloss as well. Using different products two ways; unique and money saving, there!

Starting from a more subtle colour rather than going straight to the harder reds, I chose a peachy shade, that also resembles the Burberry Spring/ Summer 2014. With pink and red undertones, a quick swipe of this pale stick on your lash lines and you get the smoky version of the runway look. Put the balm in your bag to be ready for a lip or lid touch-up; it’s one less product you have to carry.

Of course if you want to go straight for the darker shade (aka almost burgundy colour), you can always try a darker lipstick, but make sure you 'wear' this look with simple pieces like a crisp white shirt or a grey tshirt, so that it won't overshadow anything other part of the outfit.

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