Blue Velvet: trend alert: adidas stan smith


trend alert: adidas stan smith

The coolest kicks out there are back!

I had never been the biggest fan of sneakers; too tomboyish for me, I'd say. As I needed a pair of kicks to get me through high school, I bought a pair of Stan Smith sneakers, as they were the simplest ones out there: mixed-texture panels didn't work for me, while designs with colours from red to yellow to green felt like too much to make the cut.

And of course, I came to love these babies big time - couldn't keep them off my feet from day to night. While wardrobe-cleaning a year ago, I decided not to throw them away even though they're in complete ruins, as I was too emotionally attached to them - and something was telling me they would come back in fashion sooner or later. And they did! Their relaunch brought them back in three classic colours- blue, red and green, while a limited edition suede design in blue and green will be available in March.

You can purchase them in Greece at the adidas store in Golden Hall, as well as in selected sneakers boutiques.  
They're also available online at the Adidas official store.

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Sonia De Macedo said...

Damn I wish I had kept mine. I've notice these coming back too and making me regret my decision to let them go!