Blue Velvet: waffle



Knit, OMG Fashion || Jeans, Zara (similar here) || Sunglasses, ASOS

Either in clothing or in food, there's only one answer when you hear the word waffle: YES! 

I've been looking for a good waffle knit (and in black no less, the toughest colour to get right) for quite some time, and now that I did, I'm not planning to get it off me anytime soon. Jeans and knits make the best I'm-too-lazy-to-function combination. Especially now that I have a dozen things to do and no time at all, basics like these come in handy. Next target - finally apply for my postgraduate degree (see I have set my priorities straight; first, find a good waffle knit, then apply for a master's, that's the normal thing to do no?) Whoever said the application process was easy, obviously had his personal statement written for him. Gotta go back and finish it - boo!



Adara Della said...

I am in love with that sweater. I have been looking everyone for one like that! Lucky girl!

Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

Agree! :)

P.S. Unglamorously it also applies to towels. :)