Blue Velvet: wrapping up


wrapping up

Coat, Jennyfer || Shirt, H&M (similar) || Cropped top, Zara (similar) || Trousers, Zara || Sunglasses, ZeroUV || Boots, Isabel Marant pour H&M (here)

The perks of winter always come down to the sole fact that you can put all your favorite things all at once.

Wrapping up in the warmest and chic-est of long coats to avoid the cold, the one that has accompanied me to everywhere the past weeks since discovering it at Jennyfer. This specific length is what has blown my mind away; it looks so damn good with anything from heels to sneakers, that I can hardly say no to abusing it. Next on the list- wear it with my beloved Adidas Stans, or maybe even my Vans?

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Sofia Dias said...

Hi Elena!
Last week I bought a polka dot crop top, and I've been using it the same way as you did :) (it's true when they say great minds thing alike, don't you thing? ahah)

I couldn't help but noticed you're from Greece :) I'm Portugal but I've been there 1 week, and I gotta say I was truly amazed :) It was a dream come true!