Blue Velvet: black and all the other colours


black and all the other colours

Tshirt, Zadig&Voltaire || Trousers, Zara (here) || Blazer, Zara (here) || Boots, Topshop || Sunglasses, Planetworks 

 You might say that this is repetition, but then again, it's not.

And then there are those days when you have absolutely nothing to wear, and you look your closet up and down digging for that one thing that will manage to cheer you up.. And as uncoventional that might seem, black manages to do the trick. And when you overdose in it, it's even better.

You know what they say.. I'll stop wearing black the day they make a darker colour.



Fashion Reactor said...

Total black perfection!!!


Anonymous said...

One word: stunning!

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StyleFax said...

total black perfection INDEED!