Blue Velvet: red eyeshadow


red eyeshadow

Red raspberry twist lipstick used as eyeshadow, Korres

I first discovered it through afterdrk's blog and mentioned that I was going to use it here, but it took me a while to actually make it happen. But now that I tried it, I don't think I'll let it go that easily.

But how do you make the red eyeshadow happen without looking like a sleepless or zoned out if-you-get-what-I'm-saying person? You use a twist lipstick instead of the usual eyeshadow. It's much easier to achieve; you just make a quick swipe of the dark red stick on your lash lines, throw some mascara on your bottom line for extra volume and you're good to go. And in case of a mistake, cotton swabs are made for this kind of emergencies - the eyeshadow will look even cooler when a bit messed up. This unexpected colour gives the look a slick, somewhat smoky, wearable version of the smoldering runway look.


Elisa in Trouble said...

Using a lipstick as an eyeliner is a great idea!

Le Fanciulle said...

Haven't tried this before but it actually looks so wearable! Quite a nice change from the usual dark smoky-eye look.
Just stumbled upon your blog today - I really like your minimalist style! Have a great one :)

xx Trish (lefanciulle)