Blue Velvet: team player


team player

Tee, ROMWE || Leopard fur coat, VINTAGE (check for alternatives here) || Trousers, ZARA || Bag, VINTAGE

And I am number 86 no less.

Last week had been pretty cold before bringing the sunshine back into our lifes this week, therefore wrapping up in layers was the only thing I was capable of doing. Thank God the weather in Europe has gone back to its bright days; I'm leaving for Istanbul tomorrow and as far as I've checked, everything seems very promising. I will keep you updated on my Instagram profile, so make sure you check regularly to see what me and my crazy friend Konstantina will be up to. Also, while I'm gone don't forget to enter the Κουμπάκι giveaway that runs on the facebook page - you pick your own necklace and you win it!



Anonymous said...

Hey! I just have two questions for this post...

First, would you consider to wear make-up next time? Or some blush? Because you look like Tim Burton's 'Corpse Bride'.

Second, how did you get the idea to wear a leo fur with the rest of the outfit and that awful handbag? I mean, it's not that it's not creative... But creativity taken too far is just not working for you. These pieces would have been nice separately but not together... Fashion has its limits.

On a different note, I really like your hair! It seems to me that you have changed them for the best! (See, I do make positive comments when deserved!)

However, I see you haven't listened to my previous comments about these boots... Stop wearing them. Or at least clean them. But best not to wear them... I bet you have much nicer shoes to show on your blog...

Lastly, I would suggest that you take some poses in which we can actually see the clothes. You are supposed to show us the clothes, not to just sit and stare at the camera! If you can't do it, hire a professional.

Kind Regards,

Your biggest fan

ps. Don't you own an iron?! That t-shirt looks wrinkled!

Stacy said...

well miss anonymous it is soooo easy to comment from behind your beloved screen. cyber bullying is the wimpiest type there is dear. i am really looking forward to receiving a link to your own fashion blog a.s.a.p. ! Xx

p.s. didn't your mommy ever tell you if you don't have anything nice to say, just don't say anything at all?