Blue Velvet: the marble effect


the marble effect

Trousers, ZARA (the J Brand version here) || Sweater, TOPSHOP || Sneakers, CONVERSE

FYI for everyone reading this post, these are the trousers that Zara copied from the marble that we have on my house's floor. 

Fell in love with these trousers the instant I laid eyes on them at Zara website, and had to repeatedly dig through the store in order to discover them.. Thank God Zara opens its online shop on March 5- only 2 days from now; no more endless searching in the stores, no more waiting in line for the cashier for what feels like forever. Maybe I am a bit overdramatic, but I can't share my excitement about their e-shop launch any other way. Online shopping has completely untied my hands and allows me to search what I want, when I want, without any time pressure or even annoying assistants pushing you around, telling you how amazing everything looks on you. I believe most of us feel the same way; shopping online is the future, and the sooner all shops take the leap and build their online platform, the sooner they will realise what everyone had been missing all along.


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