Blue Velvet: back slits


back slits

Trousers, FRONTROWSHOP || Tee, ZARA || Blazer, vintage VALENTINO (similar here) || Mules, ZARA (check these) || Necklaces, THEFTHING || Sunglasses, ZEROUV

Too predictable, or what you need to upgrade any wardrobe full of basics?

Perfect fit and ideal for my ideal all-white summer ready wardrobe, this new pair of trousers has evolved into my ultimate go-to item for this spring, and apparently summer too. I mean we all know how much better white looks on tanned skin.. Swoon! I'm not even sure which designer launched the trend with the slits on the back first, but the fact that I can pair them with my mules and have my heels showing has me going crazy. Plus, for some reason feels very Celine appropriate. It's those little details that make all the difference, no?


4 comments: said...

στυλάτο κουστούμι!

Dania Carbonini said...

Great a d vadual at the this look!


Fashion Reactor said...

A big yes for the white suit!!!! Love how you styled it with the mules


O said...

wow!!! love your pants!! Amazing!!