Blue Velvet: bangle party


bangle party

Skort, ZARA || Crop top, ZARA || Sneakers, SUPERGA || Ring, RINGS&TINGS || Bangles, TOKYOJANE

Stacking the latest TokyoJane collection on my wrists and playing it hard to get in saturated clothing and my too-cool-for-school Supergas. Why was I so late on the sneakers bandwagon again?

That end-of-May almost-summer breeze has finally arrived which can only translate into going out barelegged without the fear of getting hypothermia. I haven't tried wearing open-toed flat sandals yet though; you see I'm still in the of search of the perfect pair for summer. I decided that Birkenstocks and anything relevant to that is a major NO-NO for me, so I gotta start moving in a different direction.

As for those beauties that embrace my wrists, what can I say - I checked the TokyoJane store with the intention to shop juuuust a tiny bit, could hardly pick just one piece so I ended up getting it all: these three different bracelets, as well as a long necklace.. Talk about self-control. I am the biggest sucker for good combination of price/ quality, so I rarely say no to that.


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Christina Langner said...

This is a lovely look! The jewellery is great and love the photography!

Much love xxx