Blue Velvet: come clean


come clean

Tee, SUGARFREE (check here) || Jeans, Levi's (here too) || Sneakers, VANS || Fur, ZARA (here) || Eye bracelets, Onlyshearts

The fuzziest of furs with everything basic and the shoes that some of my most beloved followers love to hate. Go Vans!

Gotta love a good basics combination like this one. Brings me back to the 90s; oversized high waisted jeans, simple tee and a good slipon to kick start a fun and promising weekend. It's probably one of the last days that I'm getting to sport my furs anyway - Spring weather has definitely arrived, and with that the bare midriffs, the cropped tops and the short shorts. Girls, get your freak on!

In other news, after endless searching for the perfect tee, I finally discovered the very best one at Sugarfree. Loose in all the right places and with round neckline - which is always the very best when you want to stack necklaces on top of the tee. Bought it in bulk in all colours available - who can miss an opportunity like this after all.



StyleFax said...

teleio jean!!!!!


Fashion Reactor said...

One of my favorites Elenaki!!!
Love the ripped jeans, the fur and the Vans...yeahhh!!!!


Nadya Dominguez said...

perfect !
love the jeans and the fur

betty passia said...

Aψογο ντυσιμο,τελειες φωτος!I am your new follower on blogloving,would you like to follow me back?many kisses!

Artemisleblog said...

Wow amazing jacket !
Love it !