Blue Velvet: h&m conscious collection dress up


h&m conscious collection dress up

All, H&M Conscious collection

Lurking in spring colours from the up and coming H&M Conscious collection and going bananas on my Instagram page.  Have you liked my photo yet?

Right in time for the launch of the Conscious and Conscious Exclusive collections from H&M, I was lucky enough to attend the very first H&M Conscious instameet! I got to see the collections up close, play dress up in them, and photograph myself in my favorite outfit. 

Which, by the way, brings me to my topic-du-jour: yours truly, squeezed inside this dreamy outfit, participates in a competition launched by H&M, where the photograph that gets the most likes on Instagram, wins! Of course you won't be leaving empty handed either.. There are 3 double invitations for the EXCLUSIVE H&M Black Tie event that will take place in the H&M store, Ermou 54, in Athens, on Tuesday 8/4!
How to enter the competition? Like this photograph on Instagram. Easy, peasy.

Make sure you enter so that we can properly meet on Tuesday, sip our fancy cocktails and shop our asses off.. Oh, did I mention that you will be able to shop the ENTIRE store (YES, including the never-before-seen Conscious collection) with a 25% discount?!


Anonymous said...

Oh Honey...

You don't wear shorts with long coats. If you wanna go 'summer-is-near' then don't wear a trench... I don't know whether you picked it up somewhere or not, but it just does't look good. As I told you once before, fashion has its limits... Fashion designers sometimes go too far; it's up to you to follow their trends or be your own person. Clearly, you've made your choice...

Moving on, please google the consequences of Vitamin D deficiency as it seems you got them. Either this, or you really need to pee! Your pose in the second picture is awful... The first thing that comes to mind is scream out loud: 'MIND THE GAP!' Really, get a professional to teach you a thing or two!

Lastly, and most importantly, the shoes are just hideous. They make your legs look short, your ankles fat and the style is not for your age... Try them on when you enter your 40s.

Fashion 101

Get your shit together...

Kind Regards,

Your Biggest Fan

C.T said...

Your biggest fan is starting to piss me off.

Dear Big fan,
I'm guessing you are some kind of super fashionista right?? being invited to fashion weeks world wide to give the cameras something to flash for?? either that, or you are terribly into yourself OR (my personal guess) you have nothing whatsoever to do with fashion and bitching is just your way of dealing with issues of your own. either way, attach a picture for me including the right skin tone, the right outfit paired with the right pose ofc and then we'll talk again.

YOUR biggest fan said...

Ωραία αντίθεση, ένα έντονο τοπ με ένα ήσυχο σορτσάκι! I like it!