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athletic jerseys


Always be a good sport fellas.

I like sports, but I like sporty things better - especially when they come with enormous numbers on them. Ever since buying my very own athletic jersey last summer, I've been throwing it over skinny jeans or tiny shorts on days that I felt nothing would look good on me. But you know that already, I've worn too many times (refresh your memory here and here). And as this athletic gear trend keeps rising, so do the options in which you can wear your jerseys; with high-waisted skirts for after-work drinks, or with tons of heavy metal bling for a dramatic a-la-Rihanna look. The options are many, as are the different athletic jerseys that can work in any of the outfits. Vintage or brand new, bought from a team's official store or at an online store, the only certain thing is that you have to go for it.