Blue Velvet: crochet insert


crochet insert

Shoes, TOMS || Shorts, vintage LEVIS || Lace top, ZARA || Blazer, ZARA

Crochet espadrilles that kickstarted my summer as soon as I put them on my feet, aka the ultimate summer shoe.

I can't even begin to describe my happiness when, while scrolling through my latest discovery of greek online shop, I stumbled upon the brand TOMS. For months I would go back and forth to whether I like espadrilles for summer, and I had settled somewhere between 'too-comfy-to-say-no' and 'canvas-shoes-will-never-be-me'. But then I saw the crochet model, and it instantly hit me: I may not be a fan of the classic canvas pair, but crochet had me at hello. So I went for it. Of course all my friends, who would always praise this type of shoe for summer, were proved to be right. Too comfortable to take off even when you return home, light and summer-ish to follow through the entire day and work/coffee/beach-appropriate: why say no to that.

In an effort to support greek online shops, I chose to order the shoes from Z-mall, the store I first discovered them, which happened to offer free shipping and delivered the babies, along with some other goodies (because who could resist that badass tshirt that I also bought) the following day. So yeah, the site had me covered from all aspects.. Now I'm off to do a happy dance in the shoes.



Margaret Dallospedale said...

Wowww you look stunning
Love your top and jacket
Kisses said...

τέλειες espadrilles!