Blue Velvet: korres spring/summer 2014 presentation


korres spring/summer 2014 presentation

An afternoon of pampering, playing around with products and checking out the all new Korres collections is how I'd like to be doing all my Thursday afternoons. 

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the latest Korres presentation in the Korres headquarters, where the lovely team of the brand had organized an afternoon filled with pampering, cocktails and ice cream (insert childish grin here). We all gathered in their gigantic meeting room, got our nails done with their latest collection of nail polishes, sipped colourful cocktails and got to hear all about their newest products. But let's get things started 

We were firstly presented with the newest Spring/ Summer nail colour collection, while also getting our manicures. Of course I rushed to do the granniest (is that even a word?) colour available, a shimmery silver with a bit of gold tangled in (or how Korres has named it: Metallic Taupe). But who cares, I loved it anyway. Even though I got a bit jealous with Efrosyni's Denim Blue nails (on the photo with me).

Besides that, we got to emphasize on the brand's best-selling product and their never-before-seen innovation (which also happens to turn 10 years old this year!); the Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel. Based on the traditional greek recipe of applying yoghurt on your skin when you're sunburned, this product was the first in the world to ever include real, edible yoghurt. Today they are launching a similar product, an after sun face cream with yoghurt. This gel cream has the similar base as the cooling gel for the body, but a lighter texture that allows it to also work as a moisturizer for the skin, refreshing and hydrating all year-long.

We also got to hear a bit about the Santorini Vine, a new launch that includes showergel and body milk. Both products are created with extracts from Santorini's Asyrtiko grape, wheat proteins (for the showergel) and almond milk (for the body milk), that have magic effects on the skin; they create a protective film on the skin, maintaining its regular hydration level. Having used it first-hand, I can say one thing for certain: they smell divine!

Lastly, we discussed their other cosmetics collection, the Volcanic Minerals. After having successfully brought in those blacky blacks khol eyeliners, they have now launched the summer version of eyeliners, along with a range of twist eyeshadows. Each line features 6 different colours that are summer appropriate and are all shimmery, to enhance our tanned skins. I fell in love with the twist eyeshadows the moment I laid my eyes on them, especially the neutral colours like the Basic Bronze and the Ivory. I was shown how to mix these two and create a very casual and all-day appropriate look that makes the eyes look bigger and fresher. For clueless people who have absolutely no idea how to apply eyeshadow without pulling their eyes off (like me!), the twist eyeshadows are the perfect match.

All products are available/ will be available soon at and in all pharmacies.

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